A Child of Kashmir by James Earley

A Child Of Kashmir

Oil On Canvas
100cm x 70cm

I wanted to paint a portrait of a child who has grown up in Kashmir during the recent unrest in the area. In 2019 the Indian Government revoked Article 370 which meant that Kashmir would lose its own constitution and would be ruled by India. This was a hugely controversial issue and caused widespread unrest. The Indian Government then imposed a media blackout which meant that all social media was banned and in effect the country was gagged. I was helped by a friend of mine Omar Alsorory who is a professional photographer and took some incredible images of Kashmir and its people. I wanted the emotion and trauma of these events to be seen through the eyes of the child and I used the symbols of soldiers and a blindfolded and gagged face to emphasise this constant road of trauma that the people of Kashmir have to endure.

The painting will be professionally framed and will come with a signed certificate of authenticity and will be fully tracked and insured during delivery

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Tags: kashmir art, photorealism art, political art, realism, war art

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