original oil painting by James Earley


Original oil painting
oil on canvas
100cm x 76cm


SOLD, private collection Germany

“Childhood” is a painting of Fin a homeless man that I met in Richmond in 2019. I was struck by the sadness of his story and in particular his childhood yet he was full of hope. He had suffered both physical and mental trauma, his childhood was lost and replaced by fear and sadness. I added the sign “Searching for my Childhood” as I felt that this was a part of his life that was lost, lost for ever. The background consist of colours that reflect the key colours of the subject as I wanted Fin to almost get lost in the background as though he was invisible as so many homeless are. The wording on the background describes key words of his childhood such as “Scream”, “Hide” and “Blood” with “Sleep’ being his only escape. This constant barrage of abuse pushed him to question himself with “Maybe I don’t deserve Love”. Fin deserved a childhood as we all do, he deserves love as we all do.

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Tags: homeless, homelessart, hyperrealism, hyperrealism art, oil painting, realism

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