Susan by James Earley


Oil on Canvas
Year produced 2020
60cm x 90cm

Private Collection St Bartholomews Hospital London

Susan is a Nurse at St Bartholomews Hospital in London. The NHS struggled enormously with the Coronavirus and they had to deal with a pandemic whilst very unprepared. I wanted to create a painting that shows all sides of Susan, the happy, relaxed and easygoing side and the fearful side, the emotion knowing full well she was to fight on the front line against such a threat. It is this fear that I wanted central to the painting. Just behind Susan is a blurred figure, faceless, a monster, a threat. And almost invisible around the painting are the face masks, masks that were invisible at the start of the pandemic.
I will donate all the proceeds of sale of this work to the NHS.

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Tags: hyperrea, hyperrealism, nhs, NHS art, NHS portraits, portraits, realism

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