Original Oil Painting

Oil On Canvas 

30cm x 40cm (dimensions including the frame 33.5cm x 43.5cm)

Created 2023


This painting is framed in a bespoke wooden frame, is ready to hang and will come with a signed Certificate Of Authenticity. 

The painting will be professionally packaged, tracked and insured during delivery and delivery is free.

If you have any questions about this artwork please contact James on 0044 7551616352 or by email james@jamesearleyartist.com

Throughout my life I have seen more and more that look in peoples eyes, it is a look of desperation, it is a desperation for more. It is a desperation that drives aggressively at a frightening speed. It does not matter if it causes the earth to burn, it does not matter if that want for more means most people end up with less and it certainly does not matter that non white people suffer the consequences of this greed through unspeakable poverty. I have looked deep into these eyes, they are dark with no feeling, they are dead. 

That image of a man made hell haunts me, I thought I would escape it when I visited the beautiful country of Bangladesh in 2022 but it hit me like a sledgehammer as I sat there watching a small child, a child that was always smiling with a smile born from his heart, a child through a brief moment was overtaken with fear as he stood on his family’s old boat staring into the distance because he knew a flood was coming, he knew that his family would soon have to leave their home on this island and start all over again. The consequences for this desperation for more was clearly evident as climate change, imperialism and colonialism had ravaged this beautiful country. This little boy had a desperation to survive. The ripple effect of this desperation for more was so evident in this beautiful country.  

“Ripples” is also available as a signed limited edition print, please see the “Bangladesh and Climate Change” series on the limited edition print section of the website..

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