Original Oil Painting

Oil On Canvas 

40cm X 50cm

Created 2022

I visited Koriabari Island in May of 2022. Koriabari island or char as it is locally known is a remote island located in northern Bangladesh. The islands in this region have been impacted by the growing effects of climate change and have seen flooding increase rapidly in recent years. These islands are sandy and can disappear when floods come along and so the people of this region are constantly moving from one island to another. The islands are extremely remote and very difficult to access and as a result the community are cut off from main stream support and government assistance and this is where the social purpose organisation Friendship helps as they provide support. 

As I was leaving the island after my visit and was just about to board the boat I saw some children playing in the water. Their joy and happiness seemed so pure and undiluted as they lived in the moment. This is when I met Sumana. I wanted to show in my painting the joy and beauty of Sumana against a back ground of the island and its soft river bank. The island is painted in a chequered pattern showing both the beauty in colour and its fragility in black and white. 

“Sumana” is also available as a signed limited edition print, please see the “Bangladesh and Climate Change” series on the limited edition print section of the website.

If you would like to commission a portrait please contact James by email james@jamesearleyartist.com or by mobile 0044 7551616352

Sold Private Collection The Netherlands

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