“A Cardboard Story”

Original Oil Painting

Oil On Canvas 

76cm X 51cm

Created 2021

“A Cardboard Story” is available as a signed limited edition print, please see the homeless series on the limited edition print section of the website.

“A Cardboard Story” was selected and displayed by The Royal Society of British Artists for their 2021 exhibition at The Mall Gallery in London.

I met Simon in 2020 on the streets of Southampton. It was a really cold day and it had just started to rain. We spoke about his journey to where he was and like many homeless people that I have met the journey was a sad and lonely one where suddenly he found himself homeless and stuck in a deep hole that he was desperately trying to get out of.

I wanted to paint the background as cardboard as this was so prevalent in the homeless areas that I encountered and I also wanted to paint a glimpse of Simon’s childhood and the feeling of loneliness.

A Cardboard story by James earley. fine art, figurative art

Sold Private Collection UK


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