Original Oil Painting
Oil on Canvas

Created 2020

85cm x 55cm

The painting is professionally framed in a hand crafted frame and will come with a signed certificate of authenticity.
The painting will be insured and tracked during delivery and delivery is free.

I met Antonio in 2018 in Madrid. I was exhibiting my work in Madrid for the very first time and after each show I would see Antonio sat on his bench outside the gallery. I do not speak Spanish but I got to know Antonio a little more each day as I spoke to him. He was always happy, in fact most of the time he spent either singing or laughing. Antonio seemed to live in the moment, absorbing everything that he could see and hear around him. The thing that really struck me with Antonio was the feeling that he was walking on a tightrope of emotion. He would laugh with absolute purity and then all of a sudden his eyes would sparkle with the first tear and he would cry, close his eyes and then sleep as though escaping.

fine art, figurative realism James earley
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