Oil On Canvas 

123cm X 91cm


SOLD private collection UK

“Shadows” is available as a signed limited edition print, please see the homeless series on the limited edition print section of the website.

The painting “Shadows” was very important for me in many ways. I enjoyed the lighting and felt it contrasted greatly with the dark areas of the painting. I liked this contrast this contradiction. I wanted to show the fragility and danger of the situation, here we have a man sleeping, peaceful yet inches away from a busy road. This contradiction hit me. I felt that the litter bin was important as it seemed to suggest the man as litter, in many ways the homeless are seen as untidy litter. These contradictions spin around the painting yet hopefully they come together in the shadows, shadows that I exaggerated with a deep purple. Shadows are the contrast, the contradiction to our physical form yet here the homeless man had merged into a shadow, he was a mere shadow expelled from the “normal people club”. I feel that this is the problem that prevents a cure to be found on the homeless issue. It is only when we see the homeless as people and not shadows that we can take the first steps in helping the homeless.

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