“Haiti’s Revolution”

Original Oil Painting

Oil On Canvas 

51cm X 76cm

Created 2021

“Haiti’s Revolution” is available as a signed limited edition print, please see the “Racism and Colonialism” series on the limited edition print section of the website..

In 1804 Haiti was the first country in the world that had a successful slave uprising that led to a revolution and the founding of a state which was both free from slavery and ruled by non-whites and former captives. This event is now seen as a defining moment in the history of the world.
Since the revolution Haiti has seen huge natural disasters such as the 2010 earthquake that killed 300,000 people, foreign interference and exploitation and huge corruption which has resulted in 60% of its population living in poverty.
Haiti’s people have never forgotten their past and even today in 2021 they are in the streets demanding change and an end to Governmental corruption.

James earley figurative art. photorealism

Sold Private Collection UK

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