Original Oil Painting

Oil on Canvas

100cm x 70cm

Created 2020

Sold Private Collection UK

I remember seeing a famous Times Magazine that wrote about a trend of 1960s theologians to write God out of the field of theology. Times were changing and Modern Science seemed to have had eliminated the need for religion to explain the natural world, and God took up less and less space in people’s daily lives. The question asked was “Is God Dead?”. I saw this question from a completely different angle, I saw it as asking how God can exist when we are doing such evil things to our fellow human beings? This question grabbed my heart and I felt the feeling of strangulation when I saw these three words.
This Magazine article took me to my thoughts of Syria and seeing the thousands of lost, shattered and bewildered faces of the children of Syria who have had to endure relentless bombing. They were seen as collateral damage, less important than power and money. I also remember seeing a drawing by a Syrian child of his thoughts of this war and I copied this drawing creating a tattoo on the boys chest, a scar that will stay with the child forever.

“Syria” is available as a signed limited edition print, please see the “War and Conflict” series on the limited edition print section of the website..

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