Original hyperrealism oil painting by James Earley

James Earley paints Rahaman

I met Rahaman in the tiny and remote island of Madaripara in 2022 whilst I visited Bangladesh. I went to Bangladesh with the social purpose organisation Friendship who were trying to help those people in the most remote and isolated regions where mainstream support was almost impossible. Rahaman and his fellow villagers lived with the

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original hyperrealism oil painting portrait

James Earley paints Kabita

I met Kabita in the village of Ramia in the Southern coastal region of Bangladesh. This isolated and remote region was suffering with the growing consequences of climate change. Cyclones and flooding were becoming increasingly regular and the people of Ramia had no where else to go so they had no choice but to live

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original photorealism portrait by James Earley

Rahima by James Earley

It was May 8th 2022, my first day visiting the islands in Northern Bangladesh. We departed early from Balishi village travelling up the Brahmaputra river to the island of Aorai Bari. The Brahmaputra river was vast with hundreds of small islands scattered along the river. The beauty was breathtaking yet also a mask as this

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oil on canvas photorealism portrait

Nurjamal by James Earley

My visit to the tiny island of Madaripara on May 10th gave me a great insight into the unique partnership of Friendship and the local community. These islands are so isolated that the villagers have very few ways of selling their produce and gaining an income, they have no access to banks and government funding.

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hyperrealism oil portrait

Abdul by James Earley

My visit to Madaripara Char was a fantastic experience as it enabled me to see the scale of help Friendship was providing to the community and how the community was using this help in an effective and imaginative way. Madaripara is a remote and isolated island in Northern Bangladesh and like all the other islands

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Bonhams Auction House

James is honoured and privileged that his paintings of Kaud and Tawhid will be part of Bonhams of London Modern and Contemporary South East Asian Sale. The auction will take place at Bonhams in London on the 22nd November 2022. All the proceeds will go to www.friendship.ngo

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hyperrealism original oil painting


My visit to Nakna village was an incredibly interesting and inspirational experience. This village being on the south coast of Bangladesh was on the front line for climate change disasters. Flooding and cyclones were becoming more and more frequent and the community together with Friendship were doing all they could to try and improve the

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hyperrealism oil painting by James Earley

Yasin by James Earley

I met Yasin Ali on the remote and isolated island of Adorshogram Char. Yasin is 66 and like many of the elderly residents of these islands he had suffered with cataracts. Previously it was extremely difficult to have this condition treated because it was such a long and difficult process to get to a hospital

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Fatima hyperrealism oil on canvas by James Earley


The 11th May was a busy day for me. I was to visit three islands Porar Char, Vatiburail Char and finally Nawshila Char. It was in the last island of the day Nawshila Char that I visited a school that had been built by the community and Friendship. The islands in Northern Bangladesh were so

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